I had the opportunity to work with Kohl Electric and Ben Kohl on a recent project for one of my clients. The project entailed a 10,000 ft remodel of a building.

We selected Kohl Electric as the electrician because they had an organized approach and Kohl’s experience aligned well with the design intent we had created. Additionally, their cooperative approach was appreciated by the client. Ben’s knowledge helped us identify potential challenges on the project and they provided cost effective solutions to those challenges.

RFI’s and submittals were acted on quickly and accurately. They handled field changes in a cost-effective efficient manner. I look forward to the opportunity to partner with Kohl electric in the future.

Jeff Hall
Interior Innovation Officer
CJ & Associates, Inc.

We recommend Kohl Electric as a dependable electrician. We received a timely submittal of light fixtures, which are typically the long-lead items and allow us to get ahead of the project schedule.

Ben stands behind his work and schedules electrical, low voltage and fire alarm work appropriately to meet the project schedules.

Ben provided us with numerous budget and electrical design/build proposals that are clearly labeled for the scope of work expected.

Nathan Keller
Milwaukee Lead
Gardner Builders

I have worked directly with Ben Kohl on many projects over the past 12 years. Starting with Rocket Baby Bakery, followed by numerous Bel-Air Cantinas, MobCraft Brewery, and a multitude of office Tenant Improvements.

He understands his responsibility to the project as a subcontractor. On time, on budget, on quality. We expect no less.

I highly recommend Ben and his team to anyone looking for a reliable and collaborative electrical contractor.

Mark Lathers
Vice President
Kelly Construction & Design, LLC